Electro Therapy & Combo TherapyElectro Therapy

Our office uses state-of-the-art technology for electrical muscle stimulation. A form of electrotherapy is often used at Conrad Chiropractic as a technique to help reduce muscle stiffness, spasm, swelling and edema. It helps with pain management and restoring range of motion in the joints, muscles, and ligaments. Also, our offices uses this form of physiotherapy to help restore function to our patients so they can get back to a healthy, pain free lifestyle.
Small electrical impulses are sent through electrode pads that are placed on the problem area. These electrical impulses contract the muscles to relax them which aids in rehabilitation and preventive care. Our office uses specific waveforms to meet each patient’s specific condition. This differentiates our office from others who just use one waveform to control pain.
Our office also utilizes a protocol called combination therapy. Combo therapy uses both electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy at the same time to better target and relax tissue. Combo therapy especially with the high volt waveform gives our patients the greatest chance at the fastest recovery!